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Stamping die development focus and Prospect

    Stamping die development focus and Prospect

    The development of key selection should be based on market demand, development trend and current situation to determine. According to the product key, key techniques and other key are described.

    1, focus on the development of stamping die products:

    Stamping die with a total of 7 classes, and some by its service object to refer to some species of. The urgent need of the development of the automotive panel die, multifunctional, multi-position progressive die and precision die. These molds are produced need contradiction of big, development prospect is good.

    Auto cover mold development focuses on the technical requirements of high-grade cars large and medium-sized die, especially the cover die. High strength plates and plates of unequal thickness stamping die and large-scale multi-position progressive die, die will have a faster development.

    Multi function, multistage progressive die development key is high precision, high efficiency and large, high life of progressive die. Precision die development focuses on the thick-plate fine blanking die of large precision die, and constantly improve its accuracy.

    2, focus on the development of stamping die technology:

    Mold technology future development tendency is towards informationization, high production and high precision of development. Therefore, from the design, development focused on promoting the CAD / CAE / CAM technology, and continuously improve efficiency, especially in sheet metal forming process by computer simulation analysis technology. Die CAD, CAM technology should be pleasant, integrated, intelligent and networked development, and improve the mold CAD system, CAM specialization of.

    In order to improve CAD, CAE, CAM technology application level, the establishment of a complete mold database and development of expert system and improve the practicability of the software is very important. From the processing technology, development focused on high speed machining and high precision machining. High speed processing mainly is the development of high speed milling, high-speed polishing and high-speed processing and rapid mold making technology. High precision processing mainly is the development of mold

    The precision of the parts 1 u m and surface roughness of Ra = 0.1 ~ m of various precision machining. To improve die mold standardization degree, good mold standard parts production and supply is one of the important development of stamping die technology.

    In order to improve the life of stamping die, die surface reinforcement of various superhard processing technology is also the focus of development.

    Molds for digital manufacturing, system integration, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping / mold manufacturing and application of computer aided technology in areas such as the formation of a full range of solutions, to provide mold development and engineering services, improve the comprehensive enterprise level and quality of mold, which is the focus of the development of stamping die technology.

    In 3, the other focus of development and prospect:

    The other focal point of development and Prospect of connotation is very rich, here a management, specialization and standardization and industry adjustment in three aspects and makes some analysis.

    Enterprise management is project of a system, is a branch of knowledge, science and technology. And industrial developed country enterprise compared to die, in a sort of sense, our management lags behind more than backward technology. So improving the management is very important, and the task is onerous, the mold enterprise management has many forms, each being adapted to the object, but do well the construction of informatization, the progressive realization of information management has become the development direction of the industry, have consensus.

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