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Die manufacturing technology and production experience

    Die manufacturing technology and production experience

    Modern mold manufacturing and production process

    On century 30 time previously, is the use of simple tools and equipment, formed by hand mould mill type production mode. This time, only simple manufacturing mold. Mold manufacturing precision and quality totally dependent on artificial skills and practical experience.

    30 time to the late 70's, is mold the industrialization development process. The main achievements and characteristics:

    Widely used in milling process, precision molding grinding process, and achieved with precision hole spacing hole and hole precision machining precision coordinate grinding technology.

    The EDM process and NC electric spark line cutting processing technology widespread application, high hard material piece provides key processing technology.

    Realization of the mould material specialization, serialization and standardization.

    Meanwhile, standardization of die and mold height development, in the mold of comprehensive use of standard components, design and manufacture molds, is not only the industrialization of achievements and characteristics of modernization; is the important technical basis for mold production.

    Along with the computer and machine tool industry's progress and development, since 1980, the die CAD / CAM, CAD / CAM / CAE has become a widely used production technology. They are associated with highly standardized match to form modern mold production mode, namely the design and manufacture of molds, mold production mode of digital information.

    Die design and manufacturing

    The design and manufacture of molds including: mold design and mold manufacturing and assembly process.

    Modern mould design and manufacturing, is: in the mold production process control and management of the environment, in the mold of highly standardized technique based on a mold, informationization, digital design and manufacturing process. Execute namely mould CAD / CAE / CAM, the mold design and manufacturing integration process. In which:

    CAD: is the use of software, to the mold piece shape and structure and mold structure system the establishment of a number of mold process.

    CAM: defined according to the type and structure of model formulation type profile processing code, set the forming process and mould processing program. And pass the information to the CNC machine, the implementation of digital processing.

    CAE: it refers to using the software to the mold parts modeling, mold structure system and structure parameters were simulated, simulation experiment, namely the implementation of the virtual design and forming processing, in order to verify the CAD / CAM design mold structure system and forming processing code and processing program correctness, rationality.

    CAD, CAE software, is based on empirical data, empirical formulas and theoretical data and formula are compared on the basis of modeling, mold, forming a system structure and parameter type, forming process and parts (stamping, plastic parts ) forming process simulation, simulation model or CAD, CAE software.

    Mold design

    Manual mill type mold and die manufacturing period of industrialization initial stage, is not to die design, totally dependent on tooling workers experience and technology manufacturing mould. With the development of industry, the increasingly widespread application of mold, mold quality and performance of higher production and technical progress. Design of drawing die structure, system diagram ( general structure drawing and parts drawing ), define the requirement of design and manufacturing technology for mould production process, the first service and core technology, has been evolution to the present.

    However, with the development of computer and NC machine tool industry progress, such as CNC machining center machine tool widely used, mold design method and means to produce substantial, breakthrough progress, mold design includes the following three aspects: mould parts modeling and structural design, mold design, mold structure system structure parameters calculation and setting. Mold design process and content.

    Mold manufacturing

    Using computer aided formulation of each pair of mold manufacturing process ( CAPP ), and carries on the analysis (CAPPE ), to optimize. At the same time, the manufacturing process quality, time and cost control (CAPPC ), so that the formation of mold CAM / CAPPE / CAPPC digital manufacturing technology system.

    Die CAM / CAPPE / CAPPC system, is the main way of modern mold manufacturing, mold CAD / CAE / CAM digital design and manufacturing technology of the part. For this, ought to study, analysis of modern mold manufacturing technology, information technology, the digital manufacturing technology content : die manufacturing process design; mold manufacturing process and its forming process; mold standard parts, components and auxiliary mechanism of demand and manufacturing; mold assembly and assembly process; mold manufacturing process control and management.

    Mold production technology experience

    The mold design and manufacturing process used in the technical specification, standard, modern digital design and manufacturing in the application of design and manufacturing software, as well as technology expert system, all have a strong, strong empirical. But the experience will have time and reasonable application.

    The evolution and development of mold production mold, so far still required by the technical staff use of the computer technology and the mold design and manufacture of technical knowledge of basic theories, standards and norms, especially long-term accumulation of design, manufacturing experience, own specialized design, and can only be performed in specialized assembly, practice has proved that the completed design and manufacture mold quality, remains largely depends on the design and manufacture of technical personnel is the accumulation of knowledge and experience.

    Therefore, the actual production experience, in the mold design and manufacturing process, still plays a dominant role. Namely, the lack of practice, the lack of experience, lack of practical experience, it cannot become Daqi. Some people say: university graduates, design, manufacture finished 100 mold, the mold will become qualified professional and technical personnel; 500 side mold technical staff will become technical experts design, manufacture mold; 1000 or more die expert, will become the master mold technology, there is a certain reason. But not necessarily, also must always emphasize to mold technology basic theory as basis.

    In China has nearly twenty thousand enterprises die, the responsible person with experience and set up factories. Therefore, we should clarity, mold design and manufacturing to the accumulation of experience is important, but it should also have a deep mold technology theoretical attainments, namely the need to master the basic theory ( digital, mechanical ) on the basis of design and manufacturing. Learning from previous summary of successful

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